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Consequences of #Fukushima: German Ports Unsure How to Deal with #Contaminated Ships arriving in Europe in some days - via SPIEGEL
Real-time indicator Firefox 4 download stats by country ● DOWNLOAD-STATISTIKEN weltweit ● Browser OPERA & Google Chrome pass the Acid3 test, neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer the score has to end on 100/100
#Fukushima radioactive cloud - Japan wind forecast: The expected catastrophic wind shift
#Japan #NUCLEAR #INFERNO power plants no longer technically manageable – Watch collection of live streaming TV #Onagawa #Fukushima #Tokai
Location map of of some nuclear power plants in Japan
ZDF Video über das AKW Fukushima (Japan) am 13. März 2011 und den GAU, der unaufhaltsam ins Rollen kommt
● "time to sunburn" See how WolframAlpha can calculate the time it takes to get a sunburn global UV index forecast
Forbes list of billionaires is based on an annual assessment of wealth and assets
● BBC News - One-minute World News - the latest news summary from BBC World News
● Free live stream Al Jazeera English: excellent coverage from Egypt and other hot spots - watch the broadcast here!
Wikipedia article traffic statistics, e.g. Al Jazeera on Wikipedia
Google Translate translates text & web pages in over 50 languages <●> The losing competitor = Bing Translator
● Wael Ghonim: A "One-Off" for Silicon Valley? Google product manager who helped pull together the popular demonstrations
● Egypt on Jan 28, 2011 at 8:30 PM local time: Diplomatic car ran over 20 people in Cairo. To view this video, you must be logged in to gmail or Youtube
● Egypt on Jan 28, 2011 at 8:30 PM local time: Diplomatic car ran over 20 people in Cairo
● Egypt on Jan 25, 2011: important documentary video on horror scenario of Mubarak regime from Alexandria
● Since 1950 the population of Egypt has quadrupled! There is a huge poverty: no quick fix for Arab economic
World population, población mundial, Weltbevölkerung, population mondiale, दुनिया की आबादी by WolframAlpha
Daily sunspot number via search engine WolframAlphaNOAA / Space Weather Prediction
● World Daylight Map: Watch the sunrise / sunset all over the world on this real-time illustration with the current position of the sun!
Vanessa-Mae plays Toccata & Fugue J.S. Bach - Toccata & Fuge BWV 565 6.000.000 views!
Valentina Lisitsa plays Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
Meet the homeless man with the golden radio voice: now he is set to make a million. He finds a job after viral video success!
Search engine WolframAlpha answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data200 international units of Vitamin D
Social Mention: real time social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs & bookmarks is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words
Educating Instead of Medicating Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs
EUR-USD real-time http://www.xe.comCurrency news regarding the Euro-zone: EUR-USD real-time ●●● longtime performance chart EUR-USD
Stock Index RENIXX - Renewable Energy Industrial Index - World ● Aktienindex für erneuerbare Energien
Schuldenkarussell: Deutschland hat 2 Billionen Staatsschulden! graphic Europe's Web of Debt
How Secure Is My Password? Find out how long it would take a standard desktop PC to crack your password - use only fake passwords for testing!
Chess Elo rating: 19-jähriger Norweger Magnus CARLSEN an der Spitze der Schach-Weltrangliste shows live aircraft traffic in the airspace above Europe - optimally adjusted
● Flight Transponder Radar: AIR TRAFFIC Switzerland, Strasbourg, Stuttgart Real-time flight tracker, flight status, scheduled time + real time of departure, gate information & flight delays
Use to test the speed of your Internet connection. See if you are getting what you pay for!
Trotz Gewalt- und Veruntreuungsvorwürfe zahlt Staat Gehalt für Bischof Mixa: staatliche Schlaraffenland-Versorgung für Bischöfe
● »Der Minister nimmt flüsternd den Bischof beim Arm: Halt Du sie dumm, ich halt sie arm!« by Reinhard Mey »Sei wachsam« aus Album LEUCHTFEUER
Die üppige Schlaraffenland-Versorgung hoher geistlicher Würdenträger ist ein skandalöser Anachronismus! Bischöfe + Kardinäle werden hierzulande immer noch wie hohe Staatsbeamte behandelt & fürstlich bezahlt! Fastenpredigerin & Bischöfin Margot Käßmann wurde in der Fastenzeit im Alkoholrausch am Steuer erwischt - besoffen mit 1,54 Promille von der Polizei gestoppt - die rote Ampel mißachtend!
Scandal: German Lutheran bishop Margot Kaessmann drove drunk passing a red light while three times over the legal limit!
You can't escape the ubiquitous browser spying! All web sites are able to track you, even if you disable cookies!
W3Counter Global Web Stats: Browser market share graph Google Chrome, OPERA, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer IE searches over 40 databases + over 2000 websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information - via one query! Scientific studies on the topic of health, e.g. type tumeric or curcumin or capsaicin curcumin!
About new Facebook email service on livestream platform - Official live streaming channel from the FACEBOOK headquarters in Palo Alto - livestream video: CEO Mark Zuckerberg!
Zweiklassen-Fütterung mit Muttermilch, ♂ bekommen wertvollere Nährstoffe ► Gestillte Kids: ~ 6 Punkte höherer Intelligenzquotient
● versus breast cancer: Turmeric + pepper halt growth of breast stem cells - curcumin from turmeric + piperine, derived from black peppers
● LinkedIn works with Twitter & vice versa! LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman + Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone are discussing on YouTube
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Chili Pepper is high in natural aspirin - a potent painkiller, alleviating headaches & joint pain!Firefox 3.5 download stats by country
2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic by country - current stats summary of official reports - confirmed deaths - spread-trend in last 7 days
Current German news about swine flu H1N1 in Germany (no English version) by Robert Koch Institut - Schweinegrippe aktueller Stand
The dominant bilingual dictionary GERMAN - ENGLISH and vice versa!WordNet DictNinjaWords Dict – Bilingual dictionary – GERMAN - ENGLISH and vice versa! Bilingual texts, translations + synonyms!
WordNik dictionary includes WordNet, example sentences, related words, stats, pronunciations, definitions, etymology, images & Twitter
● BMI body mass index by WolframAlpha
Airport distances and other data by search engine WolframAlpha: Nuremberg, Portland, Melbourne, Auckland
● My postings on DELICIOUS My postings on TWITTER

My former local area - the pic below shows a water wheel in the Regnitz River

Hurricane forecast map for Atlantic , for Pacific by
Have you ever seen such an awesome pic? Elephant love ► ●
Get a glimpse of picturesque Germany ● ● 854952 views in May 2009: No matter who you are ... ● a tantrum at her finest 01:27 min - 42.452 views:
● Excellent HD Pics of rotten pirates of Somalia by ● ●
Library crimes: 04:11 min - 128814 views:
● Meta search engine BlindSearch ● Picturesque Europe ►►►
Picturesque Germany ►►►
LCD monitor test images ●●●
Ecologically inspired web search ►
The Capitalist Crisis of Credit Visualized ►
Monster Dr. Z of Germany Inc. & his Liechtenstein-Connection (German version):
● Uncontacted Tribe Photographed in Brazil ►►►
Women's World Chess Champion SUSAN POLGAR from HUNGARY ►
Darwin's study ►►►
♫ Wolf Maahn - TSCHERNOBYL, Das letzte Signal Schlitz 1986 ♫ views 13.278 on April 11, 2009 ♫ ♫ - the very best version of THE KILLERS Read My Mind! e.g. Read My Mind by The Killers or The Bleeding Heart Show by The New Pornographers
George Carlin - Religion is ... ●●● > 5.000.000 views in April 2009 ●●●
♀ Simone de Beauvoir
♀ What Do Women Want? - Discovering What Ignites Female Desire:
Usage share of web browsers: Google Chrome, OPERA, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
DPA Nachrichten Ticker: Kurzmeldungen rund um die Uhr
Warum die Grippesaison in den Winter fällt >>> Luftfeuchtigkeit ist im Sommer generell deutlich höher als im Winter

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