Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lifespan extension: coffee without milk promotes health by stimulating autophagyKaffee ohne Milch ⟿ Autophagie = Selbstverdauungsprogramm, das die Zellen reinigt & entgiftet: not as programmed cell death apoptosis! Kaffee = Autophagie-Auslöser: innerhalb von 1 – 4 Stunden wurde die zelluläre Autophagie von Leber, Skelett-Muskulatur und Herz – stark angekurbelt. Der dekoffeinierte und der koffeininhaltige Kaffee ist hierbei gleich wirksam ★ What is the difference between apoptosis and autophagy? Apoptosis is programmed cell death (can be seen as a cell "suicide"). It is the process by which the cell starts a chemical reaction pathway in order to kill itself. ★ Autophagy is where the cell breaks down and destroys one of its own components. This helps maintain a balance between cellular products so not too much of a certain compound (ie. proteins) is produced. ★ ★ Autophagy (self eating) is the process of self-digestion by a cell through the action of enzymes originating within the same cell. It occurs in case of nutrient starvation (increased levels of autophagy lead to the breakdown of non-vital components and the release of nutrients, ensuring that vital processes can continue) and infection (autophagy plays a role in the destruction of some bacteria within the cell). It acts as a repair mechanism and it is also attributed as programmed death for cell. ★ While, Apoptosis (self killing) is the disintegration of cells into membrane-bound particles that are then eliminated by phagocytosis or by shedding. Apoptosis is one means by which a developing organism shapes its tissues and organs. For instance, a human fetus has webbed hands and feet early on its development. Later, apoptosis removes skin cells, revealing individual fingers and toes. Apoptosis is also committed in times of distress, for the good of the organism as a whole. For example, cells that have suffered damage to their DNA, which can make them prone to becoming cancerous, are induced to commit apoptosis. ★

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